Gratis Folk

by Alex Peter Kyle

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Marie-Theres Grüneich
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Marie-Theres Grüneich Well, let´s just say it. This music is absolutely amazing!! I love the lyrics, the guitar playing, Alex´ voice. Listening to his music makes me want to sing along, dance, dream and it definitely makes me smile. A lot. Favorite track: Same Sky.
Stephen Kyle
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Stephen Kyle This Kid is GREAT!!! Favorite track: Same Sky.
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released February 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Alex Peter Kyle Ocean Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Favorite Places
Weather, when will it be warm again?
I like to chase the sun to find it's favorite places,
Cause mine are lost out in the snow.
Don't think I'll ever really know quite where to go
Where to go.

It's an awful long walk to the next city,
And it's been far too long since I've seen your pretty face.
And though my feet are tired, well my thoughts are able.
And they'll carry me on my way even when those skies start turning grey.

Can't see no light, no moon tonight I'm riding blind.
I feel the breeze is almost pushing me towards what I'm trying to find;
The morning sun, will it ever come back once again,
My thoughts are every place but here, so far away but awful clear.
Track Name: Lay My Head Down
Lay my head down slowly, no one will ever know I was here.
Death has been on my trail since the day that I was born,
This much is clear.

Lay my head down slowly, no one will ever know I was here.
For not much longer can I stand upon these old feet, I fear.
No one will ever know I was here.

I can't know what will happen next,
But love has left me all alone to sit and try to collect my own,
Thoughts of hope; I'm drowning in a sea of memories
And I can't breathe.

Lay my head down slowly, no one will ever know I was here.
I have lost my way again, and I'm far from home it appears.

Lay my head down slowly, no one will ever know I was here.
Heaven won't you please hold me now. Send me a sign,
Bring back my dear.
No one will ever know I was here.
Track Name: Same Sky
I can feel the grass growing beneath my feet,
And the world turning slowly as can be.
And it's not til I can see the moon that I know this is the time,
When your eyes are at the same time on the sky.

Cause freedom flies awhile ahead of us each day.
And we grabbed it as it lifted us away.
It's just an instant late that each of us grabbed on and held on tight,
And now we're separate, but our heads are in the sky.

But I'm not turning back, I'm pushing forward even still.
The thought of living with doubt and guilt, it makes me feel
Like the milk has spilled, but why cry when you can fly.
We're looking at the same sky
Every night.

The food it just don't taste right anymore,
And I'm much more prone to sleeping on the floor.
My mind is getting softer and my hands are cold as steel,
But it's times like these I remember how to feel.

When the roots have grown only to be cut away,
And I miss you more every single day.
How can love be such a dirty game that I can't help but play,
My hand is empty and there's just no way I'll stay.
Track Name: Sinking Like a Stone
Sort my emotions from the oceans of oblivion.
Dig deep they sneer, but I fear I may not return here
And once I dive the night is alive and around me
As the lighthouse beam fades from my site,
hovering atop the surface, I leave everything behind.

What is it really that I even have left to leave behind,
Start thinking we're too far gone and sinking like a stone.
Retreat this fleet of one, I'm alone, on my own and out of control.
Drifting, sinking, drowning, I ain't ever coming home.

What is it about my time here
That I can't seem to steer clear of conflict and pain,
With nothing to gain but experience.
Live and learn and concern yourself with meaning,
What are we living for, shouldn't be a question anymore.

How I wish to be swallowed up by a big old fish,
take me far from this place I'm in.
Spit me up on a shore and from here I'll explore
this world furthermore.

In a certain way, I can only convey in a poem;
wild and free, but alone and on my own,
I am sinking like a stone, I am sinking like a stone.
Track Name: Something About Love
Is it too much to ask, I don't know what you would feel
If when you walked on by me today, I would have something to say.
Something about love, something about love.

And I could never go back to living so far away.
From my home, all alone, in my head, half past dead
In the winter snow.
There is just something about love, and it calls me home.

And this too shall pass, says the wise man to the world.
But what is time when your mind is aligned with the movements of a heart.
I am no blind man anymore, I can see that you need something besides love.
Track Name: This Place
I denied it too many times I can't believe,
This place has got a hold on me.
And the more I take this step forget how to breathe,
And who am I to you and who are you to me.

I walk these streets in my head talking in my sleep,
Tried to tell myself it was all a dream.
But that moment when I caught you looking at me,
I knew this is no joke, remember to breathe.

It was supposed to be a lonely night,
It was supposed to be a lonely night.

I lie to everyone I meet in this town,
It's been this way ever since you stopped coming around.
And the less I tend to speak the more I see clear.
And who would listen to me; I cannot stay here.

I will sit on my steps and sing out your favorite song.
The faces walk by and wonder what's going wrong with me,
But every time you come on home and leave on your light
It was not supposed to be anything but a lonely night.

Eyes locked on me, no words but i looked in your soul.
Wherever yours went I wanted to go.
But I couldn't shake this anchor weighing me down,
But I promise you one day we'll figure this out.
Track Name: Tell Me Things
I am waiting to see what will come of me.
And in the darkness I slide deeper and deeper to be,
Losing my mind I find you are always there.
And when the darkness collides, I start to pull my hair.

We are alive, we are alive.

I am trembling still from the thought of you.
This reality scares me you don't know what I've been through
But from time to time I doubt that I am new.
And even after all of these years I somehow still run to you.

We are alive, we are alive
We are alive

Tell me things that don't make sense
And I'm hiding under covers trying to pretend
That I know, but I don't

He is showing me things I have tried to deny
He is part of a bigger and a much greater life
But from time to time, I'm pushing you aside.
Cause even though it is good, I'll be losing this older life.
Track Name: Should
Darling, won't you please pardon
My excuses for not being there for you.
Baby, I know that lately I haven't been around,
I haven't been around as much as I should.

Beautiful girl, lady you will surely be
You will be the death of me cause my heart will not beat without you.
So I've been wandering round, wondering if there's hope for me,
Seems I've lost all my dignity and have floated oh so far away.

Oh help me, get back to society.
Or at least a place I could warm my hands.
I need to thaw out my thoughts and make a plan.

Breathless, I try to stress this
This situation, of my getting right more than going wrong.
Downhill, I seem to slide til, I'm beat down far worse than repair
And now I might just go off somewhere else tonight.
Track Name: Quite a Ways
Could I trouble you for just a moment.
I wouldn't mind you rob me blind of any love that you may find
In this heart like any other, I'm a run of the mill
Man, you look as if nothing on this earth could make you stop.

Could I make you stop and listen
Don't, for you may wake on up and find
You're missing things that you were meant to see.
She keeps on running down that dream,
And she's driven quite a ways to get to me.
And crime don't mean time to her, she's a loaded .45
And you won't change that mind, she is something all her own.

Won't you sit on down and stay awhile,
But don't look around there is no one here you know.
Wanted and on the road for Lord knows what there ain't no pot of gold.
You followed a trail of smoke and it lead you here.

Don't trust a reason, yet deem feelings treason.
Anyone with a smile, a friendly face will turn and leave you with an ugly taste.
She'd rather trudge that lonely road.
Love is no friend, just a folktale that young ones are told.